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Fabrics for overalls tailoring

The company "Tehnol " is the leading importer of the mixed fabrics used in tailoring of different types of overalls and office form. We offer the wide range, beginning from inexpensive materials, such as a flannel and the coarse calico, dressing gowns of house using used mainly for tailoring, so more wearproof materials – the «forward», «ekotek», the overalls applied in manufacturing, used in various branches of a production and warehouse complex. The high attention is given to the quality, delivered materials since wear resistance in use is a necessary component when using all types of overalls.

Fabric with logo

In use of tailoring of overalls existence of a logo of a companies necessary component of style of a style of the uniform, defining recognition and accessory is often demanded. The company "Tehnol" offers various options of fabrics with logo. The logo of the company can be put with method of thermotransfer transfer or is embroidered in accurate compliance with corporate style and brand flowers of the company. In the range of offered production fabrics with logo are used both in production of overalls, and in the furniture industry for an upholstery of the hidden parts of furniture, mattress covers of pillows etc. In our company there is the convenient warehouse program, allowing the most demanded articles to ship and reserve from a warehouse in Moscow. Individual orders are delivered under each client, according to requirements. You can receive more detailed information, production catalogs, having contacted our experts of any, convenient for you, a communication form.