Furniture fabrics and accessories
Furniture accessories:
Tapes and sewing accessories
Cords, twine, edgings
Furniture arches
Furniture support (China)
Furniture support (Poland)
Products from plastic
Other accessories
Transformation mechanisms
Independent spring blocks
Fabrics for tailoring of mattresses
Accessories for mattresses
Deliveries of the nonwoven materials completing
for production of upholstered furniture and mattresses
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Overalls tailoring

One of the directions of our activity is overalls tailoring under the order. Skilled specialists of our company on the latest automated equipment will execute the order of any complexity, taking into account individual wishes and requirements of clients. We are ready to provide the ready decision on selection of necessary fabrics, according to a wish, to make prototypes, and as to make necessary quantity in the shortest terms. You can order dressing gowns, waistcoats, jackets, gloves, to receive the samples, production made by us, to use services of the experts, allowing to make the qualified recommendation about a choice of a fabric and development of a comprehensive layout. All production is certificated, answers the Russian standards for protection of work and requirements of state standard specifications. You can receive more detailed information, having contacted our managers, having communicated in any form of communication convenient for you.

Possible options of drawing of logos

1. Embroidery

Despite rather high expenses, this way is one of the most effective and often used. The overalls with an embroidery differ resistant and accurate logos during the long time.

2. Silk-screen printing or stencil process

It is one of the most widespread ways and it can be applied on any kind of a fabric. The image is characterized by clearness and an image Full-color.

3. Thermotransfer

The press on T-shirts is used by a method of thermotransfer for drawing of especially difficult logos abounding with a large number of small elements. The transfers made of plasticized and water dyes are applied to drawing. At the press on T-shirts and other clothes a thermotransfer method a logo transfer on textiles by means of a special press.