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Independent spring blocks

This type of blocks the most demanded by production of mattresses. Production of blocks of independent type manages slightly more expensively, rather than production of dependent analog, respectively cost of the first is slightly higher. However at the same time, from the medical point of view, they it is much more useful. Many orthopedists recognize that their use by production of mattresses, sofas and other furniture, allows to improve health.

That independent spring blocks considerably increase comfort during rest is important also. Especially it is actual for double mattresses where application of dependent system of springs leads to transfer of any actions of one of vacationers for other end of a mattress. Use of offered products eliminates similar effects.

Important indicator which any independent spring block possesses, the density is. The density is understood as quantity of springs on 1 square meter. Dependence in this case is very simple. The more springs - the better. At the same time are available here and some nuances. For example, that the product with a large number of springs can quickly become unfit for use, because of poor quality of springs. For this reason blocks should be executed from the qualitative wire capable quickly to restore the initial form.

Independent spring blocks are applied by production of mattresses, sofas and other furniture. But the most important that getting them, it is possible to create not only convenient, but also useful furniture.

Multizonal spring block
Multizonal spring block
The condensed spring block
The condensed spring block
The spring block with a frame
The spring block with a frame
Spring block Standard
Spring block "Standard"