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Спанбонд SPUNBOND is non-polluting,  Has 100 % a polipropilen nonwoven material. Production of spunbond  is made by melt  down polymer with the subsequent thermofastening. This material found the widest application in various branches. It is possible to buy spunbond as cheap replacement to more expensive materials applied by production of furniture, tailoring and in other branches. From doubtless advantages of spunbond it is necessary to allocate small density, rather high durability, resistance to hostile environment (acids, alkalis), air permeability, heat stability and resistance to a deterioration deterioration

Scopes of application spunbond are extremely various. The material is widely used by production of furniture as an intermediate layer between an upholstery and a filler. Quite often application of spunbond takes place by production of mattresses where it serves for isolation of spring blocks. Sale by spunbond, used in agriculture for protection of especially sensitive plants against external factors is at present carried out. As a whole, to buy spunbond it is possible on change for many more expensive materials: calico, butt, sacking, glutinous fabric.

The TEHNOL company carries out sale by spunbond various flowers, various density (to 100 g/m2) and width (to 2,1 m).

G/m2 density     Structure  Width of m Length of a roll of m
17 100% polypropylene   1000
40 100% polypropylene 1,60 m 500
60 100% polypropylene 2,10 m 400
80 100% polypropylene   400
100 100% polypropylene   300