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Fabrics for tailoring of mattresses

The TEHNOL company brings to your attention production of leading global manufacturers. For our clients we deliver production of only the best factories of producers of Italy, Holland, Turkey and China. Offered fabrics for mattresses are executed on advanced technologies. Their producers – the companies known around the world which long ago have become leaders in various segments. In the range the jacquard products meeting high requirements and the quality standards are presented. Rhythm of deliveries guarantees that in our warehouse always there are fabrics for mattresses and other production. For your convenience we offer you a quilted fabric in various designs stitches and fillings.

In our asset there is the widest product range. To fabrics for mattresses "House-keeper" perfectly will suit for whom cost is a priority indicator. Despite it, even inexpensive materials deserve an appreciation for operational characteristics. Jacquard fabrics – more expensive option. However and qualitative showed at this type of production where above. You can choose fabrics for mattresses, more than on a half consisting of cotton. Cotton jacquard products become the excellent decision for manufacturing of various mattresses. Thus tactile feelings at contact with a similar copy will be where it is more pleasant, rather than at a touch to synthetic analog.

Using products from "TEHNOL", you receive high quality for acceptable cost. Despite excellent quality indicators, our fabrics for mattresses have the low price. Besides, you can always receive a notable discount. Working with us at a constant basis, or ordering a large party, it is possible to count on discount. The TEHNOL company with pleasure will meet the constant customers. Each discount for production is discussed in an individual order.

If you decided to order fabrics for mattresses or other production, it is enough to you to contact our manager. Except more detailed discussion of conditions of purchase, you can ask also all questions interesting you concerning characteristics of any kind of a fabric. Skilled managers with pleasure will help you and will supply with any demanded information. Cooperation with the TEHNOL company leaves at you exclusively positive impressions.

Fabrics for mattresses knitted House-keeper
матрасные ткани Widtn: 220 sm.
Density: 190 gr./m.
Poliestr: 100%
Fabrics for mattresses jacquard
матрасные ткани Widtn: 220 sm.
Density: 220 gr./m.
Poliestr: 50%
Polypropylene: 50%
матрасные ткани Widtn: 220 sm.
Density: 270 gr./m.
Poliestr: 50%
Polypropylene: 50%
Jacquard fabrics for mattresses (cotton)
матрасные ткани Widtn: 220 sm.
Density: 350 gr./m.
Cotton: 65%
Poliestr: 35%
матрасные ткани Widtn: 220 sm.
Density: 450 gr./m.
Viscose: 65%
Poliestr: 35%
Fabrics for mattresses double jacquard
матрасные ткани Widtn: 230 sm.
Density: 700 gr./m.
Polypropylene: 100%
матрасные ткани Widtn: 230 sm.
Density: 780 gr./m.
Poliestr: 100%