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Furniture accessories

Furniture arches. Variety of models

Bolonia BP 049-8 Bolonia
detailed >>
Ambiente BP 004-8      L=853
BP 005-8      L=1435
BP 006-8      L=1710
BP 011-8      L= 2213
detailed >>
Luara BD 310-8       L=1025
BD 311-8       L=1585
BD 312-8       L=1870
detailed >>
Aria NR 201-8       L=900
NR 202-8       L=1270
NR 203-8       L=1820
detailed >>
Rekord BR 147-8
detailed >>
Thalia BP 050-8 Thalia
detailed >>
Roxy BP 117-8      L=275
BP 110-8      L= 875
detailed >>
Bajo NB 269-8 (pair element) Bojo
detailed >>
Arena NB 948-8 (pair element) Arena
detailed >>
Fresia BP 078-8 Fresia
detailed >>
Nandi BP 104-8      L=850
BP 105-8      L=1430
detailed >>
Gruz BG 536-8 gruz
detailed >>
BG 543-8
orion BG 543-8
detailed >>
BG 537-8
ruz BG 537-8
detailed >>
Side BG 033-8 side
detailed >>
Sven BG 306-8
detailed >>
Sven BG 010-8
H=120    L=800     W=80    T=8

BG 010-8    H=100    L=800     W=80   T=5

detailed >>

Furniture arches of the Tekhnol company, perfectly will be suitable for products of classical and modern design. In the catalog are presented models of various styls.

Such arches have a convenient ergonomic form and excellent workmanship, these parameters do them the most demanded among other. A variety of the presented models gains the increasing popularity at the expense of attractive and unique design, and the most important — successful ergonomics.

In the catalog of the Tekhnol company each model have technical drawing, detailed characteristics and the sizes. Contact us by phones or by e-mail for purchase of furniture arches wholesale or at retail to learn the prices and conditions of registration of the order in more detail

Furniture handles are one of the main components of obverse accessories for upholstered furniture, they define and supplement its appearance. Here you you can find other accessories of a product.