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Furniture accessories:
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Cords, twine, edgings
Furniture arches
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Independent spring blocks
Fabrics for tailoring of mattresses
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for production of upholstered furniture and mattresses
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Furniture accessories

Cords, twine, edgings


It is applied usually during the packing of furniture and a fastening (sheaf) of making elements.
Thickness of a twine - 1000 teks, reel winding - 2000 meters, weight - 2 kgs. Each reel is packed in polyethylene. Twine delivery in thickness of-1600 teks is possible. It's possible delivery twine of packing Russian production.

Vilaterm sew in the edging and for alignment of edges of a certain profile. This material is very popular in producers of upholstered furniture. There is a huge range of products of this type, they differ on diameter, rigidity and a profile form.
Cord elastic

Cord in diameter from 3 to 10 mm
Cord decorative

Cord in diameter of 8 mm and length of 25 m. On all length on a cord the band for fastening is sewn to a fabric. The cord can be monophonic and two, three-colored. Available always more than 40 colors of a cord.
Profiles from plastic, PVC profiles

Are made from primary and secondary raw materials. From primary raw materials the profile has equal, without impregnations, a surface, it softer, easily gives in to formation. From secondary raw materials - more rigid, the surface can contain various impregnations and sinks. As a rule, profiles round or in the form of a comma with the various sizes of a round part and a tail.
Cord with a filler

Cords which sew in the edging. Diameter from 3 mm to 100 mm. It is delivered in reels on 30 m. Colors of a cord various, under the order concrete color is possible.