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Furniture accessories:
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Furniture accessories:

Tapes and sewing accessories

Tape inelastic (for corsage manufacturing)

Tape, as a rule, white color in rolls in length of 100 meters in width 5-6 see. Its structure - 100 % polypropylene. It is capable to maintain big loadings without any deformation on length. Over time these properties don't change. Convenience in application in a production cycle is combined with low cost.
Tape elastic

Tapes in width 5 and 6 see, elasticity - from 40 to 100, in a roll of 100 meters. It is made in Poland. Producers provide high quality of production.
Today these tapes are applied by the majority of producers of upholstered furniture in Russia.
Tapes belt

Wattled inelastic tapes in width from 20 to 80 mm.
Manufacturing of tapes of various flowers and density according to the advanced order is possible.

All color gamut of threads from PNK "Red thread". Constantly available strings of 45 LL and 70 LL which are used in production of upholstered furniture. Thread structure - lavsan, quantity of making threads - two and three respectively, all strings of the right torsion, winding of reels - 2500 meters.
We offer as strings poliestr of production of the Polish firm "Arianda".

Sew around rolled lightnings of T3 and T-5 various colors with locks of color of a lightning, and also color nickel or chrome.
Demountable lightnings " tractor caterpillar ".
Measured lightnings of the various sizes and many other of this range.
Tape contact

"Flypaper" in width of 25 and 50 mm, with the wide range of flowers. Winding of reels on 25 meters. Under the order delivery of tapes of other width is possible.
Pieces of chalk sewing

Pieces of chalk of the Belarusian production with a special additive (koaliny) which allows to put a marking and lines of bright saturated flowers and easily is removed from a fabric.

Three components enter into a set of buttons: "hat", "bottom" and hook. All components are executed from metal. Standard diameter of buttons - 21 mm. Manufacturing of buttons of other size under the order is possible.
We offer as machines for covering of these buttons by a fabric.