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Furniture accessories

The upholstered furniture and accessories is the interconnected elements. Quality of one directly predetermines quality of another. For upholstered furniture it is necessary to choose accessories very carefully as reliability and quality of the final product will depend on it.
Our company specializes many years on accessories sale for upholstered furniture (upholstered furniture accessories). We cooperate with the best domestic and foreign producers, we offer exclusively qualitative and inexpensive goods. The range of our production is very wide. You can find in an asset of our offers: locks furniture, loops, furniture handles, furniture support and many other things. Any element can be ordered separately, at absence in a warehouse of necessary color or the size. Upholstered furniture accessories – the perspective direction of our activity, you can be convinced of it independently.
That all accessories and accessories for upholstered furniture are executed only from high-quality materials is important also. That you didn't choose: furniture loops, locks furniture or furniture handles – you is guaranteed receive 100 % reliability and quality. All accessories just for decoration and accessories are made of the strongest and wearproof materials. It gives a guarantee that any accessories for upholstered furniture will serve to you for many years, and won't bring even at the most active operation.

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