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Accessories for mattresses

Tape for a fringing
It is applied to a fringing of edge of blankets, plaids, mattresses, pillows and materials for production of mattresses

Width: 35 mm

Structure: 30 % - Polyester, 70 % - Polypropylene

Color: beige, blue, pink, natural-white.

Length of a roll: 100 m
The valve for mattresses
VE-20 valve, diameter 5sm VE-20 valve, diameter 5sm
VE-15 valve diameter 4sm VE-15 valve diameter 4sm
VE-5 valve diameter 2sm VE-5 valve diameter 2sm
VE-3 valve diameter 2,5sm VE-3 valve diameter 2,5см
Handles for mattresses

the Tekhnol company represents the wide range of qualitative matratsny accessories. It possesses the following advantages:

  • high quality of materials at the acceptable prices;
  • application in production of latest modern technologies;
  • rich color scale;
  • wide choice of types of products.

Specified above feature of the offered goods allow to choose to our clients that they is necessary for them. we sell matratsny фурнитурй wholesale and retail and retail therefore the size of party isn't limited.

All goods are estimated on parameters which are set by technical characteristics. Completing products for mattresses reliable and qualitative, durability of end products depends on them. The accessories from the Tehnol company answer all quality standards therefore will long serve.

In the range tape for a fringing, the valve for mattresses and handle for mattresses . Tapes are presented in wide color scale that will help to pick up the necessary shade.

in more detail about the prices and conditions of the order it is possible to learn from operators, phone and e-mail are specified above pages.