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for production of upholstered furniture and mattresses
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About Company

        "TEHNOL" many years works at the Russian market of technical materials. We offer various production: nonwoven materials, accessories just for decoration, and also other goods. Thanks to modern technologies, progressive ways of production of plants suppliers and unique system of logistics, we support competitive prices, we provide reliability of deliveries and constantly we expand the range. You will find various nonwoven materials in the range of our production: thermofelt, fiberteks, vellyutin, spunbond. Also we offer various accessories just for decoration (upholstered furniture accessories): furniture accessories, transformation mechanisms, independent spring blocks.

"TEHNOL" is the dealer of a number of foreign producers from Italy, Poland, Turkey. These factories specialize on production of nonwoven materials (nonwoven synthetic materials), and also various accessories for production of upholstered furniture and mattresses. Strategy of our company is based on continuous development. Understanding that progress is impossible without introduction of new technologies, production and service improvement, we attach to innovations special significance. Information which arrives from our partners, is carefully analyzed and in many respects defines further development of the company. We cooperate with the companies in many countries of the world, giving particular attention to our Russian partners. Successful activity of partners — is guarantee of our wellbeing therefore, “TEHNOL” directs all efforts on creation of the long-term mutually advantageous relations. Representatives of the company regularly visit the clients for an exchange of experience, solutions of working questions and maintenance of partnership.

Besides, we try to expand a range of offered production constantly. Various synthetic nonwoven materials from leading factories, and also completing just for decoration – all this is necessary for furniture creation, or in productions. Nonwoven materials offered by our company, differ on structure, density, width and length of a roll. Some synthetic nonwoven materials can be different  color invoice. The wide range also presented accessories just for decoration (upholstered furniture accessories). At us you can get furniture accessories, mechanisms of transformation and spring blocks.   

      For many years we cooperate with leading factories of China on delivery of the wide range of fabrics. Total quality control of all let-out production gives the chance to us to cooperate with a large number of garment factories of Russia. Accessories for production include wide color gamut of mixed fabrics in various combinations x / and polyester. The warehouse program existing in the company, defines convenience in the order of all fabrics in necessary quantity from a warehouse in Moscow.

We work with all regions of Russia, offering reservation of fabrics under the order, delivery, flexible system of mutual settlements. Many garment factories are our constant partners.

It is necessary to add that nonwoven materials offered by us and accessories are just for decoration carried out only from qualitative and strong materials. It serves as pledge of that the furniture executed with application of our materials, will serve for many years. Naturally special attention is given also to an esthetic component. Choosing our accessories just for decoration and nonwoven materials, it is possible to create practically any furniture design which will be allocated with appeal of appearance. And the last, but very important criterion – a choice abundance. All nonwoven synthetic materials offered by us, accessories just for decoration, furniture accessories and other, are presented by the widest range thanks to what you can choose optimum option for any purposes.

Our partners in the sphere of production of upholstered furniture, are such factories, as «Albert&Stein», «Dreamland», "Moon", "Baliz", «Evanty», "Sumo" (St. Petersburg).

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